Zin and immunity? A good supplement against Covid-19

14 June, 2022

There are various ongoing clinical trials that involve a combination of zinc and azithromycin to treat COVID-19 infections. In particular zinc gluconate is cited. This is the most bioavailable form of zinc, well tolerated, documented and efficient.

ISALTIS is one the few certified manufacturers of zinc gluconate. Below is a summary of the available literature on their mode of action.


What is zinc?

It’s a trace element, critic for the function of the human metabolism. The quantity diminishes with rising age and the deficiencies of zinc are observed in case of obesity, and heart disease as immunosuppression.




Zinc is the main enzyme activator of the immune response. Even small zinc deficiencies induce chronic inflammation and a major production of cytokines in case of a virus attack.

Severe infections by virus are caused by what is known as «cytokine storm», which are exaggerated reactions of the immune system, which are not adequately regulated.


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