Colombian Green ingredient in the big leagues

14 June, 2022

In the context of In Cosmetics Global fair which was awarded with “Gold Prize” to Paradise Nut Oil – MagNUTSE34 Sense from the project of Magdalena River Nuts at the “Green Ingredient Awards 2020”.

One of the most important recognitions for ingredients in the cosmetic industry worldwide, was granted to Paradise Nut Oil – MagNUTSE34 Sense from the project of Magdalena River Nuts on October 6, 2020.

In the context of In Cosmetics Global fair and through the virtual ceremony of “Green Ingredient Awards 2020”, prize giving ceremony organized by In Cosmetics in alliance with Ecovia Intelligence, provides recognition to ingredients that makes an environmental and social difference in the area of sustainability. In this international scenario three categories were awarded: green ingredients, innovation in functional ingredients and lastly innovation in active ingredients. The judges in charge of selecting the winners were some of the most prominent experts of the industry.

Our Magdalena River Nuts- Paradise Nut Oil project received the gold award as the best green ingredient, selected for being innovative and for its origin being from a sustainable ethical source, creating a positive impact for the natural environment and the communities from the Colombian Caribbean.

It’s the first time that a Colombian origin ingredient is awarded this important recognition, and since it’s an ingredient derived from the biodiversity, it shows internationally the potential of Colombia in the production of 100% natural materials through a sustainable production.


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