There are no miracle diets against Covid-19, but these recommendations can help you

There is no magic diet against virus, but there are recommendations to maintain the immune system in the best conditions. According to OMS, nutrition is not a «magic bullet» against Coronavirus. However, a correct nutrition is necessary to maintain a proper function of our immune system. In this articles we see which foods are the […]

Zin and immunity? A good supplement against Covid-19

There are various ongoing clinical trials that involve a combination of zinc and azithromycin to treat COVID-19 infections. In particular zinc gluconate is cited. This is the most bioavailable form of zinc, well tolerated, documented and efficient. ISALTIS is one the few certified manufacturers of zinc gluconate. Below is a summary of the available literature […]

Antibacterial activity aids of Novachem during the Coronavirus

Although the Coronavirus is unfortunate, it has given an opportunity to the anti-bacterial agent suppliers. Novachem is one of them, and the Zinc Sebum product from that company provides a natural solution.   It’s composed of peptides of zinc, cinnamon, thyme, mallow and witch Hazel. The Zinc Sebum acts as an astringent and imparts a […]

Colombian Green ingredient in the big leagues

In the context of In Cosmetics Global fair which was awarded with “Gold Prize” to Paradise Nut Oil – MagNUTSE34 Sense from the project of Magdalena River Nuts at the “Green Ingredient Awards 2020”. One of the most important recognitions for ingredients in the cosmetic industry worldwide, was granted to Paradise Nut Oil – MagNUTSE34 […]

Magdalena River Nuts

In the Colombian Caribbean, on the banks of the Mythical Magdalena River and the midst of a natural ecosystem, trees of the Lecythis Minor species, also known as Olla de Mono, grow wild. Scarce resource communities develop around these valleys, seeking to survive through fishing and, in many cases, deforestation of native species in the […]