Antibacterial activity aids of Novachem during the Coronavirus

14 June, 2022

Although the Coronavirus is unfortunate, it has given an opportunity to the anti-bacterial agent suppliers. Novachem is one of them, and the Zinc Sebum product from that company provides a natural solution.


It’s composed of peptides of zinc, cinnamon, thyme, mallow and witch Hazel. The Zinc Sebum acts as an astringent and imparts a sebum-normalizing action. Furthermore, it provides natural hydration, decongestive action on the skin and on the scalp.


Compuesto de canela,  malva Hamamelis  (hamamelis), péptidos de tomillo y zinc


It’s an innovative antibacterial gel without alcohol, the company has demonstrated that in only 30 seconds, imparted a strong bactericidal power (99.9%) against the floral microbiome present on hands.


For more information, visit Novachem´s website.